Settlement-Focused Parenting Plan Consultation (SFPPC) is a new form of mediation that helps parents develop a Parenting Plan when significant disagreements are present. It is designed for divorcing parents contemplating litigation or who seek an alternative to traditional mediation. SFPPC combines aspects of both Parenting Plan Mediation and Parenting Evaluations (sometimes called Child Custody Evaluations). By adding an evaluation and educational component to the mediation process, effective solutions can be offered and litigation can often be prevented. SFPPC assists parents and their attorneys to develop the best possible Parenting Plan that strives to serve the best interests of the children. It can save families the emotional anguish and expense of a contested divorce and leads to greater compliance to a plan the whole family helped create. SFPPC was developed by Drs. Daniel Pickar and Jeffrey Kahn of California in 2011. They have been instrumental in preparing Dr. Sanders to offer this unique service to families in East Tennessee.

The process begins with a brief joint conference call with attorneys, if the parents are represented by counsel. Records to be reviewed and any legal issues of note affecting the Parenting Plan are agreed upon upfront. Next, Dr. Sanders meets with the parents together to explain the process, answer questions, gather a history and clarify areas of parental dispute. During the course of the next several weeks, each parent is interviewed separately, pertinent records are reviewed, and information is obtained from collateral sources such as teachers, doctors, therapists and babysitters. Equally important, the children are seen in order to evaluate their overall adjustment, including the effects of the divorce, and to gain insight into their developmental needs. Additional optional procedures may be added at the parentsʼ request. Dr. Sanders then meets with the parents (and their attorneys) to help resolve conflict, provide feedback regarding the childrenʼs adjustment and needs, present parenting options to consider, and mediate a mutually agreeable Parenting Plan. If parents cannot reach an agreement, no Parenting Plan is written and parents are still free to litigate.

Dr. Sanders is a Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator who brings a wealth of experience gleaned from over 30 years of helping families find creative and practical solutions to fit their unique needs. SFPPC enables parents to better understand the emotional needs of each child, based upon their developmental age and personality. Parents will benefit from evidence-based knowledge regarding how children adjust to various living arrangements following divorce, as well as information regarding developmentally appropriate parenting plans that have been found effective across the United States.

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Permanent Parenting Plan Form
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SFPPC by Pickar & Kahn 2011
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SFPPC Stipulation Informed Consent
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