Psychological Testing helps clarify the cause and nature of an individualʼs difficulties. Often families, attorneys, and schools may know a child or adolescent is experiencing problems but are unsure why. Is the difficulty the result of neurological, cognitive, emotional, or learning problems? Or a combination of causes? Psychological Testing helps clarify the causes and issues involved and can serve as a trusted roadmap for what to do next. It can often save time, money and shorten the period of suffering by outlining the most appropriate, and efficient treatment plan.

Psychological Testing can be used to help identify the nature of learning or emotional problems and is often necessary to qualify for needed services. Dr. Sanders conducts both Psychoeducational and Personality Assessments for students who are struggling academically or socially. In addition to using scientifically proven tests that are appropriate for the childʼs age and nature of the problem, Dr. Sanders also interviews significant adults in the childʼs life, reviews school and medical records, and integrates information from pertinent sources to get a complete and accurate picture. He has performed hundreds of these assessments with students of all ages, including deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Dr. Sanders is proficient with the Tennessee Board of Education Special Education Evaluation and Eligibility standards and has over 30 years experience helping construct effective Individual Educational Plans (IEP).
He is often asked to conduct Independent Evaluations when schools and parents are in disagreement as to how best to help a student. Dr. Sanders also performs psychological assessments on children and adolescents involved in personal injury cases and consults with their attorneys regarding case preparation.

Fees for psychological testing are $200 per hour, which includes time spent in interviews, psychological testing, test scoring and interpretation, and report writing. A psychological assessment with report typically costs around $2000 to $2500. Payment is expected before the report is written. Dr. Sanders does not participate in any insurance plans, preferring to deal directly with those seeking services so that, together, we can make treatment decisions that are right for you. He will be happy to assist you in completing necessary paperwork so that you may seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier, should you decide to file.




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