Few married couples imagine they may one day divorce, despite knowing that one half of all marriages end in divorce. Separation and divorce can be an emotionally devastating experience for each family member, especially when children are involved. Is there any way to make the best out of a bad situation? Is there such a thing as a healthy divorce?... Yes, and Dr. Sanders can help.


Dr. Sanders is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in helping families cope with separation and divorce. He brings a wealth of experience gleaned from over 30 years of helping families find creative and practical solutions that fit their unique needs. Click here to learn more about Dr. Sanders.


Dr. Sanders provides the following services (click links for details):

Psychotherapy can be a lifeline to an adult or child struggling to cope with the painful changes brought on by a divorce. Dr. Sanders provides psychotherapy for parents, children, and adolescents dealing with divorce as well as a variety of other problems or situations. Psychological Testing helps clarify the causes of an individualʼs difficulties and can serve as a roadmap for what to do next. It can often save time, money and shorten the period of suffering by outlining the most appropriate, and efficient treatment plan. Dr. Sanders conducts both personality and Psychoeducational Assessments for individuals, school systems and the court. He is often asked to perform Independent Evaluations when a school and parents are in disagreement as to how best to help a student.


The state of Tennessee requires that a written Parenting Plan be approved by the court whenever couples who have children wish to divorce. Dr. Sanders is a Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court to provide Parenting Plan Mediation.

Sometimes arriving at an appropriate Parenting Plan is complicated in marriages with intense conflict, situations where parents are unsure what is best for their children, or are sharply divided over issues. Settlement-Focused Parenting Plan Consultation (SFPPC) is a new form of mediation that helps parents in conflict develop their Parenting Plan. It can often save the anguish, expense, and delay of time-consuming litigation.

Approximately 90% of Tennessee divorces are settled without going to court. In those cases where mediation has failed, or when strong allegations are being leveled against a parent, court can sometimes seem like the only solution. Dr. Sanders conducts Parenting Evaluations (sometimes called Child Custody Evaluations). These comprehensive forensic investigations are ordered by the court, in which the psychologist provides an expert opinion regarding the most appropriate Parenting Plan. A Parenting Evaluation is often ordered when one parent wishes to relocate or move out of the area with the child. Relocation (sometimes called Move Away) can have a profound effect on a childʼs life and their relationship with the parent who is left behind. Relocation issues are often considered to be the most challenging for a family law court to decide, and a careful evaluation can often prove invaluable in helping clarify the best interests of the children involved.


Dr. Sanders is a founding member of the East Tennessee Collaborative Alliancewhere he serves as a Mediator, Divorce Coach and Child Specialist. A Collaborative Divorce encourages mutual respect, reduces conflict, provides for open discussion in privacy, and prepares divorcing parents and children for their new lives. In a Collaborative Divorce each party is represented by counsel but the time, expense and emotional anguish of going to court is avoided.


Attorneys can count on Dr. Sanders to provide scientifically based Expert Witness and Family Law Consultation that meets Daubert standards. In addition to Parenting Evaluations, Dr. Sanders is available to assist with a number of different issues affecting children, adolescents, and deaf individuals of all ages. He can assist with litigant education, case analysis and evaluation, and trial preparation.

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