There are probably as many definitions of psychotherapy as there are therapists.
Psychotherapy is different each time it is practiced because the people involved are different. Though Dr. Sanders has been trained and views problems primarily through a psychodynamic lens, his approach to helping people tends to be pragmatic and practical. He uses techniques from different approaches to therapy when they have been found to be effective for a particular problem. For example, extensive research has found the Quit Smart program most effective in helping people quit smoking. Therefore, Dr. Sanders became a certified Quit Smart provider enabling him to helps hundreds of smokers end their addiction to tobacco.

Dr. Sanders believes that our current thoughts, feelings and behaviors have been
shaped by our past experiences, primarily in our relationship with our parents.
Sometimes traumatic experiences can also have a major impact in our lives.
Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to talk openly about our current and past
experiences in a safe, confidential setting, and grow in understanding ourselves and our relationships with others. Through understanding, we are better able to choose different ways of behaving and relating to others.

Dr. Sanders understands that people want different things from treatment at different times in their life. He is equally comfortable focusing on a particular issue or problem area as he is with a deeper exploration of life-long patterns that someone may wish to understand better. Dr. Sanders tailors treatment to align with your goals and needs. Regardless of the approach or length of psychotherapy, research consistently finds that it is the quality of the relationship that develops in treatment that is key to its success.

Dr. Sanders is a member of the American Psychological Association and strives to follows their Ethical Principles of Psychologist and Code of Conduct. He is also actively involved in local professional organizations and is Past President of the Appalachian Psychoanalytic Society. Dr. Sanders is fluent in American Sign Language and experienced in treating hard of hearing and deaf individuals of all ages.

Fee for individual psychotherapy is $150.00 per 45 minute session and is expected at the time of service. Dr. Sanders does not participate in any insurance plans, preferring to deal directly with those seeking services so that, together, we can make treatment decisions that are right for you. He will be happy to assist you in completing necessary paperwork so that you may seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier, should you decide to file.

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